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1. 2014 - 2016 The years of the Escargot
(Trasah/Trasah Projects)
... Escargotière Saint Héribert - Limbourg - Belgique Professional support in Snail Farming and Snail Meat production. http://licaracole.trasah.org Li Caracole - Association Hélicicole pour Amateurs et Professionnels ...
2. Corpus Lingua and Morse Code
(News Trasah Consult Projects/TRASAH's News)
  I love the colours of languages , and, as Radio Amateur (HAM) also the sound of Morse Code. The Ecuadorian visual artist Oscar Santillan invited us ( PA3CBH and PC5D) in participating in an very ...
3. Grand Bru HHH Run 1 - 1980
(News Trasah Consult Projects/Theodore Peter's News)
... Meyer And the rest of the kegs was also finished ....... SPONSORS Shirts: VERON ( Dutch Organization of Radio Amateurs) ETERNIT GRESIK world wide. Mushrooms: Ma Vlaar (you ate them at diner ). Stickers: ...
4. C91BT QTH Maputo - Moçambique
(News Trasah Consult Projects/Theodore Peter's News)
C91BT QTH Maputo - Moçambique - Rua Fernando Pessoa    During the years in Mozambique Amateur Radio activities were low. Severakl contacts were made from home, and many Eyball contacts with local ...
5. 5Z4PV QTH Eldoret Kenya
(News Trasah Consult Projects/Theodore Peter's News)
5Z4PV  QTH: Eldoret, Kenya Period 1999 to 2005, a wonderful radio amateur time in the Highland of Kenya. Perfect QTH for DX, a pile-up guaranteed  any time the mike was taken.    ...
6. Li Caracole Contact
(Li Caracole/Li Caracole)
... n' est que d'aider: Les membres de l'association Li Caracole Le particulier qui voudrait se lancer dans un élevage Un amateur averti qui aurait une arrière pensée de léger profit Le futur professionnel ...
7. PA3CBH QRV in Cadier en Keer
(News Trasah Consult Projects/Theodore Peter's News)
OM Theo is not yet QRV in Cadier en Keer. More to come about this Amateur Radio Issue. Ex calls: YN1TV, C91BT, 5Z4PV, ON8NG        ...
8. About Trasah Consult
(News Trasah Consult Projects/TRASAH's News)
... was spent with my wife Inge, some work until the late hours and... amateur radio. I have been using sevaral Radio Amateur call signs: I lived through: PE1FYS,  PA3CBH, ON8NG, YN1PV, C91BT, 5Z4PV, 5X2PV, ...
9. VERON Amateur Radio
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VERON De Vereniging voor Experimenteel Radio Onderzoek Nederland.
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