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Theodore Peter VlaarThe origin of the word Trasah is even not to find by Google. Oh yes, you will trace the word, as a verb, and in some language it means fear. Well this one has no relation to the latter.
An other one is from my childhood, when I red the books of Karl May. An oasis was referred to, with the name Trasah,  where Kara Ben Nemsi had more adventures.

Trasah is just an acronym, that came as natural result of my interests and activities. Its a long story but I will be brief.

The countries I have been working in have been interesting, time for work did go hand in hand with private matters. The private time however was spent with my wife Inge, some work until the late hours and... amateur radio. I have been using sevaral Radio Amateur call signs: I lived through: PE1FYS,  PA3CBH, ON8NG, YN1PV, C91BT, 5Z4PV, 5X2PV, and some more not to mention here. The radio Shack at home was (and these is today ...) my place where I do it all. Making reports for work, writing letters, studying, talking to the world in many languages. That radio shack, each time setup when in a new country whre I reside, has been up to now a significant part of my life. So when looking for a domain name for my website, it should be short, unique, and somehow reflecting a significant part of myself. So I came up with the Theo's Radio Amateur Shack At Home (TRASAH) an acronym idea.

When in Mozambique however, I choose the Shangane word for "node": funczo .. at least it sounded like that in my Dutch ears.

Never the less, that is how it grew, and still tickles my friends curiosity. 

Now Trasah stands for my one man show Trasah Consult, expertise in ICT and Development. My CV you can find  (of course) on LinkedIn.


Theodore Peter Vlaar