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Grand Bru HHH Run 1 - 1980

(republished hasheet of the first run in Grand Bru)

RUN 1   21 JUNE 1980


It might be expected a well-known fact that hashing ls a very contagious disease that once in a person's blood, is very hard to be cured of; but that it would stick to a patient with such enormous strength to cause the staggering amount of 75 eager ex-hounds to gather at the run-side, might be considered a great revelation.

Some of these hounds, their nationalities covering the better half of the globe, managed to find between all the Belgian Ardennes the one valley containing Grand Bru at Friday evening June 20th, while others had to wait until the Saturday morning daylight to arrive at the hotel- and camping area, which was to be the scenic site for a weekend filled with nostalgia.

The Friday evening passed very fast, reviving old friendships, some even ancient, and making new acquaintances, resulting in a very cheerful flock at the start of the actual run on Saturday afternoon.
The for hashing rather low temperature, 150C, the grey sky filled with dark clouds and the occasionally drizzling rain had not been able to discourage the hares, who had already left with two bags of shredded paper and a really vicious plan in their minds. After the acting (faking?) Hash-master Hans Meyer had explained the basic rules about hashing to the impatiently stamping crowd, Frans BB,  the impressively dressed hotel owner, gave the starting shot with his gigantic hand-canon, and led the pack onto the trail.
After a short sightseeing round over the camping area, the trail went uphill on the tarmac road , after the first check further uphill through some meadows and  finally uphill through the forest. But just when everybody thought their legs and lungs would collapse, the trail went over the top and continued downwards, through a rustic village, providing the hasher who occasionally straightened up to look around, with a score of beautiful long-distance views.
But alas, the evilness of the hares was yet to be discovered. just when the hounds were beginning to believe in a nice and easy run-in, this huge steep slope, covered with rocks, appeared before their eyes and the paper went right up this monster,  known to the locals as Helena's Hill, but now unanimously renamed as the Killer Rock. Every hasher, previously referring to the Ardennes as a bunch of hills somewhere in Belgium, bas now been converted to acknowledge them to be first-rate mountains.
At t he finish there was not t he usual view of the beer truck , but a hotel-bar providing equally refreshing mlnuman to comfort the exhausted hounds, assisted by the excessive amount of T-shirts, partly provided by the hares, partly by this good fairy, arriving from Surabaya, only moments before the run. Hares Theo and Rob
The down-downs, superbly misconducted by Hans Meyer, were highlighted by two events:
Firstly the awarding of the Hash-Pee. a new award , invented, designed and constructed by Maria Otten. to the new hares and their Hash Cash, Money Moniek. Successively all three of them made an unsuccessful attempt to empty it and poured it over the heads of the most obtrusive spectators.  And secondly the awarding to both hares of two Hashits, recently stolen from some hotel toilets and still wet from the fresh paint. The only person missing at the moment he should perform a down-down, was Frans BB, who later made the statement. that his very distinguished moustache would certainly curl into the wrong direction if exposed to the excessive amount of flying beer.
To regain our strength. we all sat down later that evening at the hotel restaurant to consume a delicious dinner. during which the same Frans BB offered an antique fire-brigade (gendarme?) helmet to the Hash community. The grand finale was the camp-fire at which Frans BB, all dressed up in an Egyptian attire and fez entertained his audience with a monologue of incomprehensible quality.
After the Sunday-morning coffee had done its awakening work, it was the turn to Henk de Vries - the Juggler- to provide all the small (and big) children with some delicious Dutch pancakes.
Finally one by one the cars left Grand Bru , filled with tired but very content hashers who in their turn were filled with memories of a fine run and a wonderful weekend, for which our thanks should go to the organizers, the sponsors, and everyone belonging to the hotel.
Hopefully all of you agree with this scribent that this should not be the last
run we made in Europe.

See you next time !!!


Hashit for the HaresHares:     Theo & Rob
Hash Pee'ers: Moniek, Theo & Rob
Hashit Earners: Theo & Rob (again !)
Sponsors: Lilianne Vermeir, Ton Holleboom, Diny and Peter Maartense
FRB's:     Peter Bibus, Tom Bates & Paul Klein
SCB's:     Pa VIaar, Gie & Tom Berentsen
Hotel personnel: Marijke BB, Margreet, Kees and some others ( Missing: Frans BB, you bastard!!)
Faking Hashmaster: Hans Meyer

And the rest of the kegs was also finished .......


Shirts: VERON ( Dutch Organization of Radio Amateurs)
ETERNIT GRESIK world wide.
Mushrooms: Ma Vlaar (you ate them at diner ).
Stickers: Frans v. Bouwdijk.
Pancakes: From the pancake ladies.
Hash P: Maria Otten the tradition maker.
Champêtre hat: Frans van Bouwdijk to be used at next run.



 BATES , Tom & Joyce
48, Orchardstr  Heywood., Lancs, England
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Gaweinplaats 40, 3813 ET Amersfoort, Nederland
 BIBUS, Peter & LindsaySimrockstr. 11, 6200 Wiesbaden 12, Germany
 CARDON-CORMELlS, Luc & LucienneZavelstr. 5, 9440 Erembodegem, Belgium
 DEENEN, Rob & YunieKievitlaan 9, Eindhoven, Netherlands
 v. DORT, Bert & NelliePrinses Irenelaan 49, 3832 CD Leusden Netherlands
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 GO, Wenny & Hok , Yu Mei / PeterTreilerstr. 33, Zaandam, Netberlands
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 KNOTTNEUS, Keesc/o  Hotel Camping Grand Bru  Belgium


Moniek & Theo



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