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A visit to Escargots Heribert snail nursery, Voeren, Belgium

Gros-gris Snails Escargotiere Saint HeribertFor snails is passing over the winter an adventure on its own. There are survivors, of course.
Specially the Burgundy or Roman Snail (Helix Pomatia), at home in the chalk rich environment of the Voeren region in Belgium, know how to lay their eggs deep in the calcareous soil  as a survival strategy.
Taking a stroll through the region at this moment (July 2013) you will stumble over many snails on your path.  But, nature lovers are very much aware that the Helix Pomatia is a protected species. So hands off! These are not for cooking.

However, a perfect alternative is available to satisfy ones gastronomic wishes.
The Snail Nursery Heribert, situated in the small village of Remersdaal in the eastern part of Belgium, is now fully in its seasonal summer activities. Growing of the Large-grey and Small-grey snails for consumption is carefully done in an environmental responsible way.
Several restaurants offer this regional slow food product, tasting even better after a - very educational -  visit to the nursery itself.
Gros-gris Snail Escargotiere Saint HeribertThe héliculteur lets visitors enthusiastically share in the ins- and outs of an  interesting profession. You can have a (group) visit to the nursery, and supplementary have a taste of snails, or,  a complete programme for you organized.
Jacques and Els, the owners of the nursery,  will be happy to have you as an interested guest.


Click here for a folder with details for a visit or goto the website of  Escargots Héribert

 I write this out of interest and hobby, while offering to Jacques sometimes a helping hand at the farm. And, of course, having a deep respect for the beautiful nature as found nearby where I live: Southern Limbourg (Zuid Limburg).


Theodore Peter Vlaar