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Marl and Marl breaking - Mergel Rouwet

Website for Mergel Specialiteiten Bedrijf Fer. Rouwet BV

Marl is a product that has been used in the South of the Netherlands for thousands of years. As fertilizer, cattle food additive, cement production and in blocks as building material.

The family Rouwet is breaking marl blocks out of the galleries of the Sibbe Quarry (Sibbergroeve) near Valkenburg in Southern Limbourg.

The Marl Specialities Company Fer. Rouwet is in building and renovation of many constructions in the Euregion Maas-Rhine. Also for artists is marl a creative material..

Trasah Consult designed and made their website. Trasah continues assisting the company in the promotion of their products by means of the newly published website.

Sibbergroeve - Gallery of Sibbe, neer Valkenburg in South Limbourg NetherlandsThe Sibbergroeve is the only quarry where the precious marl blocks still are allowed to dig out.

The specialized work deep underground is mostly done during winter times, when working outside is to cold.

Blocks are carefully transported to a sawmill, where the special sizes are cut. You will find the typical application of marl in many houses, castles and churches in the South Limbourg region of the Netherlands.

A time consuming and precise project is the ongoing restoration of the ramparts walls of the river Geul in the picturesque village Valkenburg aan de Geul.

Also in Maastricht you will find many hidden works of Rouwet in the cellars under the mediaeval houses in the very centre of the town.

Working on this website was a wonderful experience, which brought a lot of respect for this unique profession.

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