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Corpus Lingua and Morse Code


I love the colours of languages , and, as Radio Amateur (HAM) also the sound of Morse Code.

The Ecuadorian visual artist Oscar Santillan invited us ( PA3CBH and PC5D) in participating in an very creative and experimental application of our radio hobby.
In a workshop of the Van Eyck Academy in Maastricht, a composition of danse, sounds of a horse and CW radio transmissions are coming to an exceptional result. I enjoy this creative work....!

You were invited to the opening of Van Eyck's summer show with works by current participants:
Corpus Lingua       Friday 4 July 2014    3 - 7 p.m.

The ambition of Corpus Lingua is to investigate the [ potential ] language of the body before it becomes a proclamation. It presents the body as a carrier, not of a message, but as the capacity for a statement.
This exhibition will show the body in relation to its [ art ] historical sensibility and its prospective as an open-ended communication.
It will also show the body's position within the speed of change surrounding us - as well its potential as an alternative value.

But: The Exhibition is still ongoing:  5 July - 22 August 2014




Radio Amateur VERON Zuid Limburg Regio 22   http://www.pi4vlb.nl/


 PA3CBH, PC5D and Oscar Santillan In the Radio Shack of PA3CBH Entry of the Van Eyck Academy in the ancient part of Maastricht


 Horse Sunny moving around in the Academy Amateur Radio equipment for generating the Morse signals Sunny leaving the experiment M(H)orse workshop