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Container for Wau Vocational Training Centre - South Sudan

A beautiful modified 20 ft. container, loaded with tools and equipment, has been prepared and dispatched for Wau, South Sudan.

Gered Gereedschap   prepared and extensive list of tools and equipment for the Wau Vocational Training Centre. All was placed in boxes, to be sent by container to Sudan. Students of ROC Amsterdam and their instructors designed and modified (beautified) the 20 ft. container to become an office. The finishing touch of the container, together with the signing of an official co-operation agreement between Gered Gereedschap and the ROC Amsterdam, was celebrated in the workshop at the kay of a canal in Amsterdam. Many invitees could admire the white container that is now on its way south.

Once the container arrives in Wau, it can be modified easily into an office/sleeping room, mainly by cutting ( welding) out the window spaces. Electricity and a water sink is installed, and ready for use. Thus an optimal use is made of a container.

Instructors and students of ROC in front of the container The container in the workshop Interior of the container, windows to be cut out


 For a fotoseries, giving some impressions,  ....


 Loading of tools Instructor shows interior container Container wall to be cut out to make a window


 The finishing of the container was worth a celebration


 Dance and Music Cooperation GG and ROC Instructors voice



 The directors... Water... Canal and dance preparations




 The students celebrate Gered Talks



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