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Trasah Consult and E-Learning Moodle and Claroline

Trasah Consult into E-Learning


Inspired by two projects of the Netherlands Senior Experts (PUM) Iam involved in, I have been learning this year about Open Source E-Learning Platfoms.

Because the first project was using the E-learning Platform Claroline, I could ask myself the thousand and one questions a novice encounters when trying to understand the technical structure of such a platform. Later interest in the Moodle E-Learning Platform was required, which built up quite some expertise in as well technical as didactic approach.

Myself having a technical ICT background, I can state that it is a challenge to gather appropriate ideas about e-learning didactics.


Trasah Consult E-Learning Platforms


Trasah Consult Moodle   http://moodle.trasah.org

Trasah Consult Claroline  http://www.trasah.org/claroline


Trasah Consult has been working on clients' platforms in Haiti


CSL Consulting Claroline http://www.cslpro.org/claroline

CSL Consulting Moodle  http://www.cslpro.org/moodle  making part of the Haiti SME Network http://www.ayiti-pme.net


Trasah Consult is Initiating collaboration in  Guatemala:


AG Export Escuela de Comercio Exterior  http://exportslearning.com/