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Calendar 2014 Wau VTC South Sudan



Wau Vocational Training Centre

Western Bahr el Ghazal State

South Sudan


On initiative and creativity of Wau Vocational Training Centre  we created the Wau VTC Calendar 2014.
The calendar shows several impressions of the centre daily life.
Of course there are ideas and possibilities to improve on this initiative.
For this Wau VTC likes to get in touch with you.


Please consider the Wau VTC situation:

- Difficult times related to safety and possibilities using Internet and Mobile Phone

-  Wau VTC does not have a website of its own ( the url http://www.yedwau.org is no longer active), and not yet the skills  and possibilities to start and maintain a site.

- Wau VTC staff is enthusiastic and offering all efforts in continuing this initiative.


Thumb-Up with the Calendar 2014 of South Sudan - Wau Vocational Training Centre




 Click for Wau VTC South Sudan  Calendar 2014 Download Here!

You can download the full calendar from here.  (1.5 MBytes).



  Regularly working in South Sudan for Vocational Training Centres in Malakal, Wau, Juba and Khartoum during the period 2006 - 2008, I could experience the great efforts done and strength of the people involved.
Community meetings (under the mango tree) and hard work has resulted in the centre of today.
The struggle to survive, and support to the education of young people however is going on. The institutes are in continuous need for further support.
Already in 2008 John Baptist, the carpentry instructor of Wau VTC, prepared a calendar, that he designed with colour pencils.
Also this calendar of 2014 makes us aware that this creativity originates from the VTC community itself.
IIt deserves proper appreciation, attention and further support.

What about extended assistance in the publication of a next calendar of the year 2015?




 Women associate as well promoting Food Department in 2008Meeting under the mango tree 2008 when starting up the project