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2014 - 2016 The years of the Escargot

All the best for 2016!!

Point of no return - Benin



2014 - 2016 The Years of the Snail

Past year has been very much in the light of snails - escargots - caracoles - well, mostly in my free time...
Assisting Jaques, heliciculteur in Belgium, I could develop an interest in and learned lots about snails (Helix aspersa, Helix aspersa maxima, Helix pomatia, and Achatinas), snail slime, washing, coocking and some other intimate specialities of this creature.
So here follow a few of those lessons learned.


One of my freetime activities during work abroud is Geocaching. I consider this one of of the social media networks that not only exchange "air", but most times exceptional creative challenges needing one phisical presence and efforts. It is my aim to find at least one cache in each country I visit / work.

Traditional Geocache Via Mansuerisca Cochlearium - Belgium
The Romans had an important role in the culinary past. During their galleys trips along the coasts of Africa and Spain, the Romans brought large quantities of snails back to Rome. The snails were considered a delicacy, with afrodisiac and medicinal powers.
Before the snails could be consumed, however, they were kept in a shielded snail field: the Cochlearium. A small ditch surrounding the place so the animals could not escape. They were here even further fattened by feedeng them spices and milk.
This cache is close the Escargotière Saint Héribert - Remersdaal - Belgium, managed by héliciculteur Jacques. http://www.escargotsbelge.be

Traditional Geocache Cotonou - Place d'etoile rouge - Benin
More than 350 years ago, the area known as benin was split into numerous principalities. After some quearrels the chief settled around 1625 in Abomey. He then conquered the neighbouring kingdom of the Dan, which became known as Dan-Homey, meaning "in Dan's belly". The name was later shortened by the French colonisers.
I registered this cache during my work in Benin in November 2014, supporting the company "Les Escargots du Chef" in Cotonou. http://www.escargotsafrica.com

Traditional Geocache Snail-House - Bulgaria
The construction of this Snail-House in Sofia's Simeonovo district lasted almost 10 years and ended in 2008. It is a five-story family house in the form of funny colorful snail, with horns on its head and butterflies on the back. Internal design combines ancient antique furniture from owner's ancestors with funny heating radiators in the form of a frog, a ladybug or pumpkin. The House has already become one of the most popular attractions in Sofia.
I found this cache together with our friend Hans who enjoys work and life in Sofia, sharing daily experiences via Facebook.


New website created during PUM Netherlands Senior Expert project  "Traitement et (e)-marketing d'escargots congelés au Bénin"  Nevember 2014

http://www.escargotsheribert.be  /  http://www.escargotsbelge.be
Escargotière Saint Héribert - Limbourg - Belgique
Professional support in Snail Farming and Snail Meat production.

Li Caracole - Association Hélicicole pour Amateurs et Professionnels Belgique


Under the Mango Tree http://moodle.trasah.org
Work experiences combined and interest in Escargots / Snail related issues are presented in an e-learning web environment. (Moodle).
This has been more for myself, out of interest and learning purposes.


http://www.pum.nl   -  PUM Netherlands Senior Experts
In a PUM project in Benin "Traitement et (e)-marketing d'escargots congelés au Bénin" I learned a lot about the Achatina Achatina - the African Giant Snail.
It resulted also in a new website http://www.escargotsafrica.com

A link to an article (Dutch) published in the PUM Magazine: Slow food  Consultancy